How to choose the correct inflatable jumping castle

April 22,2015
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In the process of purchasing an inflatable bounce house, also known as moonwalk, moon bounce, inflatable jumper, or bouncy castle? There are some things you should know before purchasing your inflatable jumping castle. When comparing kids bounce houses or inflatable bouncing castle, the first thing you want to take a look at is for what purpose you will be using it for, for residential or for commercial. There is a big difference on how inflatable are manufactured and how long they will last. Usually residential inflatables are the ones sold at large retail outlets like Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, and similar store. Commercial inflatable toys are the ones manufactured by QIQI TOYS for longer use.

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Below is a list of some factors to consider that compare inflatbale toys manufactured for residential use and those for commercial.

Residential use

Commercial use


Oxford Cloth Fabric, no plastic coating for repairs and continual use

18 Ounce Commercial Grade PVC Vinyl


About 3 feet to 15 feet long

About 10 feet to 80 feet long

Number of Riders

About 2 - 4 at a time

 About 4 - 10 at a time

Life of inflatable

 About 6 months - 1 year

 About 3 years - 5 years


Limited Warranty, usually about 3 months

 2 Year Warranty

Business purposes

Family use

Rental company or indoor center use

Safety features

  • Slide Stopper: Usually not included
  • Top Cover: Not included
  • Inflatable Walls: Not high enough
  • Blower: Low pressure & fragile
  • Slide Linings: Not removable, if it becomes worn out, than product becomes unusable.

  • Slide Stopper: Usually included
  • Top Cover: Included and usually removable
  • Inflatable Walls: High and sturdy walls
  • Blower: Commercial Grade Heavy Duty & high pressure
  • Slide Linings: Include removable slide linings for easy replacement and upkeep.


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